Writing a Metasploit post exploitation module

Metasploit framework logoThe exploitation of a machine is only one step in a penetration test. What do you do next? How can you pivot from the exploited machine to other machines in the network? This is the phase where you need to prove your post exploitation skills. Even if Metasploit is a complex framework, it is not complete and it sometimes needs to be extended.

Why would I write such a module?

Metasploit is the “World’s most used penetration testing software”, it contains a huge collection of modules, but it is not complete and you can customize it by writing your own modules.

Even if you manage to compromise a machine, you may ask yourself: “Now what?”. You can use one of the many Metasploit post exploitation modules, but what if you don’t find a suitable module for you? You may request it to the Metasploit community and developers but it may take a lot of time until it will be available. So why don’t you try to write your own module?

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