Concerns regarding the security of biometric authentication

security biometric authenticationMore and more gadgets that we use these days (smart phones, smart watches, etc) try to make a personal connection with the owner via his biometric characteristics.

Using biometric measures for authentication purposes is a fast growing trend in the IT world, but there are genuine security concerns regarding the maturity level of these methods and their security faults. How safe is it to use biometrics for authentication? Can they be bypassed? Let’s find out!

How to find a good biometric characteristic?

At this moment, we have 3 main possibilities for verifying a user’s identity: something that the user knows (like a code or a passphrase), something that the user has (a smart card or a token) or something that the user is (a biometric characteristic).

For a biometric characteristic to be considered a valid authentication method, it should have the following properties: Continue reading